Monday, October 20, 2008

The Second Anglo-Afghan War

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Here's a summary from my research:

No. 4 Hazara Mountain Battery was part of the 1st Division Peshawar Valley Field Force in the Afghan war, taking part on the attack on Ali Masjid as part of the flanking column under General Macpherson. I don't believe any shots were fired by the battery in this action. They spent much of the first campaign at and around Jalalabad. In the the gap between hostilities in 1879 they were stationed at Landi Kotal. In the second campaign they were again at Jalalabad (seeing action there) though 4 guns were sent with General Gough to aid Roberts at Kabul, reaching there on 24 Dec 1879 after the attack on Sherpur had been repulsed. Those guns were sent with General Ross, in April 1880, to hook up with General Stewart's Kandahar-Ghazni force (seeing action at Zaidabad). The battery left Kabul on 4 Aug 1880, returning to India.

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